GreenPois0n Untethered Jailbreak solution for iOS 4.2.1

Factory AT&T iPhone Unlock

greenpois0nLots of you are may be expecting that moment for a long time.Commencing right now, there’s a running Untethered Jailbreak method for iOS 4.2.1.Therefore now it’s time to offer the most current firmware version installed on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

You should observe the idea that an upgrade to 4.2.1 from apple itunes will also make a baseband up-date on your iPhone, so if you rely on ultrasn0w for unlocking you should not even think over it.Furthermore, Greepois0n will never activate your phone, rather it’s going to jailbreak one which was already activated.

Greenpois0n is a service created by the Chronic Dev Team.It is crucial for individuals who want to take advantage and benefit from jailbreak without unlocking their iPhone, or for those that already have a factory unlocked phone.It’s also good for the iPad owners that needed to pass to iOS 4.2.1, though were disturbed through the deficiency of a jailbreak which doesn’t call for to be connected to a pc everytime you restart your own device.

Chronic Dev Team made a decision to make the launch before the advent of iOS 4.3 simply because Apple has previously handled to parry the hackers strike even from the beta variations of upcoming firmware.You sould never forget that if you plan to jailbreak, you can only depend on the present Greenpois0n edition when you’ve got iOS 4.2.1 and not iOS 4.3.

Greenpois0n for MAC is already right here, additionally , the Windows edition will appear shortly.You don’t have for tutorials, all you have to do is follow a few basic steps: Download Greenpois0n, link your gizmo to your MAC, put your device in DFU Mode and press “Jailbreak”.

MuscleNerd from Dev Team has announced that this exploit is going to be included in PwnageTool if they will manage to get approval from it’s programmers. This means you’ll be able to do update from 4.1 or other earlier firmware, to 4.2.1 and keep your baseband to get an unlockable iPhone with ultrasn0w.

Update 1: The first launch has some difficulties unzipping which will be fixed soon.

Update 2: If Cydia is not going to appear immediately after GreenPois0n has completed it’s work, you need to restart your iDevice.

Update 3: If you’ll receive the 1013 error in iTunes ensure you edit the Hosts file.This means that for those who have utilized the Cydia servers in the past to save SHSH, now you will need to remove any reference to

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