iOS 6.1.3 Unlock with Sn0wbreeze for iPhone 4 / 3GS

Users with pre-A5 iOS gadgets are able to unlock their smartphone 3Gs / 4 using Sn0wbreeze jailbreak iOS 6.1.3 program, Gevey SIM and Ultrasn0w. It might look difficult to use three tools for this process but our detailed instruction will show you that the whole process is simple.
This method is free to use. It will work for iOS 6.1.3 and only the two models of fruit handset mentioned above. Hackers have released it for people who don’t like to stay locked to just one carrier and wish to free their iDevice from being used on one network only. Continue reading “iOS 6.1.3 Unlock with Sn0wbreeze for iPhone 4 / 3GS” »

How to Unlock T-Mobile USA iPhone [Simple Methods]

A locked T-Mobile USA iPhone can be unlocked via several methods. It’s up to users which one to select and use. It can be t-mobile iphone factory unlocking, GEVEY SIM unlock or SAM tool. All three methods are working, but each one has its requirements for eligibility. Some users are able to use all three tools while others have to stick to just one solution.

SAM unlock is free. It is the best unlocking method for T-Mobile USA iPhone users who saved their Activation tickets a couple of years ago. If your tickets have been successfully saved, you can now unlock any iOS version including iOS 7 iPhone locked to T-Mobile carrier.

This method requires other things as well. You must jailbreak your smartphone before you can use your Activation tickets. Besides you must use your original SIM card, the one you were using while saving your tickets.

There are different jailbreak programs, including Evasi0n7, Evasi0n, Continue reading “How to Unlock T-Mobile USA iPhone [Simple Methods]” »

Download and Install iOS 7 Firmware

Do you have problems with the iOS 7 installation? Here’s what to do! Apple has released a public version of iOS 7. The new firmware is available for download “over the air “, or by connecting your device to iTunes.

iOS 7 – is the most radical update from Apple company. Completely rethought the design, added many features.


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iPad Mini 2 Retina Display and iPad 5 with A7X Processors to Appear in 2013

The Q4, 2013, might bring us two new devices from Apple. Rumors state that the company could present iPad mini 2 and iPad 5 featuring an A7X chip this fall. Besides, experts are hoping to see the new iPhones and Apple TV 4. Does it mean that we will see all “fruit” products’ update line this autumn?

According to Ming-Chi Kuo [the analyst at KGI], the Cupertino-based giant is planning to release the second-generation iPad mini and iPad 5 with the A7X processor. The mini version should come with the Retina display which was first planned for 2014. The growing competition in the market of tablets, as rumored, made iPhone maker change its plans and adjust the timetable for this gadget.

ipad 5 and ipad mini 2

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Iconical Allows Changing App Icons Without Jailbreaking iPhone / iPad

No matter how popular jailbreaking it, not all Apple customers are ready to take such a risk and perform iPhone or iPad jailbreak. Luckily, there is a new official App Store application called Iconical that will help you to change app icons without jailbreak.

We are used to be able to do various tricks on iOS gadgets using Cydia tweaks which work on jailbroken handsets only. This time the Cupertino-based giant allowed developers letting consumers play with the application icons. You can be creative to make fantastic icons and add personalization to your iDevice.

change app icons without jailbreak

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Get the Best Vines on Your iOS Device

How much do you like to watch videos created by others? A lot of my friends love Instagram Video service. Others prefer watching short films on Vine and Capture. Won’t it be fun to save the top Vines to your iOS gadget? iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners can easily get Vine on their smartphones and tablets. The secret is right inside this post.

Everyone who has a jailbroken Apple device can get one great iOS 7 Cydia tweak and save as many Vines as he or she likes. I’ll tell you how to get them. This method is easy, fast and incredible. You don’t have to be a genius to use it.


How to Download Vines on iPhone and iPad

VineDownloader is the tweak that will help you. You can grab it from Cydia repo and install it on your fruit phone or tablet. This program is useful. No wonder it is not free. You should pay $0.99 to download it.

It doesn’t come with its own settings. Still you will find some preferences under your gadget’s Settings program. There will be a kill switch. There will also be a link that will lead you to Twitter profile of VineDownloader developer.

VineDownloader Cydia App Options

Once you have installed the application you will get an option to download and save Vines. You can view what you got by pressing on More Options in Camera Roll. Why would you need to save these files?

Well, the saved Vines can be watched offline. There will be no need to stay connected any more. This is exactly what I was looking for as I don’t like to pay for online data that much. I prefer watching everything I can offline because this mode works great without an internet connection.

How to Sync Two iPhones on One Computer & Keep Your Privacy

It becomes common for each member of the family to have their personal smartphone. At the same time you can often see homes where there is only one computer. Would you like to learn how you can connect two iPhones to one PC? There is a detailed guide after the jump.

It’s great that you can share one computer between 2 iDevices. Mind that your content [contacts and voice memos] will stay private to you. There is no need to share it as well as this instruction keeps it separate to each user.

connect 2 iphones to one pc

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2x Mode Becomes Better for Non-Retina iPad with iOS 7 Beta 3

Developers got their hands on iOS 7 beta 3 and discovered new features. This firmware is discussed by a lot of websites. Everyone is trying to review all the differences between the most recent and previous beta release.

Apple quickly reacts to most of the bugs discovered and fixes the problems in the next upgrades. Some of the changes are not noticed by ordinary users who installed the beta iOS 7 because it was possible to manually update to iOS 7 beta for free without a developer account and registered UDID [these are usual requirements for people who wish to test mobile operating system developed by Apple].

Retina Mode for iPhone-only Apps on iPad

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iWork / iLife Apps Might Be Free in iOS 7

The iWork suite could be offered for free by Apple in the future. Such predictions are made by experts who test the new iOS 7 beta and find interesting changes that predict a better life for all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. Let’s see what we might get this fall.

Mac owners could use the whole iLife suite after purchasing their machine and this was the reason a lot of customers got Macs in the first place. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get iWork and iLife free bundle on the iOS device? Right now, for example, iWork suite apps can be purchased for $9.99 each.

iWork iLife Free

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